Monday, October 24, 2011

Pictures and 27 Weeks

Despite the name of this post, I don't actually have any pictures to share . . . yet. Yesterday we took our family/maternity photos! I can't wait to get them back, I am very excited about seeing them. We plan on using those for our Christmas cards this year, so I am hoping that they turn out great. One of the girls in my class is starting her own photography business so we had her come over to the house and take them. I think we got some really good ones, too!

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. To be 27 weeks, and either in the 3rd trimester, or ending the 2nd, depending on which website you go to, LOL, is really just crazy. Time is really just flying by. And we are ready, but then we aren't ready at the same time. We have a TON of clothes for little Miss Maci, thanks to some of my SUPER friends sending me their baby girls' old clothes, and for the clothes that I have bought myself. The room that we have planned for Maci to be in, is really just a disaster right now, LOL. And while I know that we have plenty of time to get it all ready, at the same time, we don't. Halloween is next week, and then boom its Thanksgiving, then Christmas, the New Year, and then baby comes! My parents are coming in over Thanksgiving, and my mom is going to help us get it all together (thank God!).

Then we'll have December to relax (as much as we can) and then after the New Year, our little girl will be here. I am trying as best as I can to do get our Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, so that way December isn't too stressful. I went over my lunch break today and got a lot of stuff for Will. Willie is like, so we're done right? And while I so want to be done shopping for him, I know that we're not, LOL. I just can't help it! But I am really, really focused on trying not to go crazy. Last year we just went WAY overboard on Christmas, and I really DON'T want to make that a trend. In my mind I had to go crazy last year to make up for not doing Christmas at all Will's first year. But it was just way too hard after losing MJ the end of August to try and wrap my mind around celebrating Christmas.

So this year, I want to find a balance and give Will a great Christmas, but not go totally crazy. I can't believe that I am already Christmas shopping and its not even Halloween yet, I'm either way on my game this year, or way crazy, LOL. We'll see!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The First Post!

Well, I've been wanting to do this for quite awhile, but never seem to have the time to. Why don't I have the time? Well, because I work full time, raise a 2 year old full time, go to school for my master's degree full time, run a charity full time, and I'm 26 weeks pregnant with a beautiful baby girl . . . so I'm a little busy :)

I started blogging shortly after my son, Michael Joseph (MJ) died. Blogging really let me get my feelings out and helped me in so many ways. For so long I didn't really know what to do with his blog, I was through the 'worst' of the grieving, and we were trying so hard to get pregnant, and there were many other things I wanted to blog about, but they just didn't feel 'right' on his blog. So I just stopped. But now I am ready to blog again, and once more, blogging about anything but MJ just didn't feel 'right'.

So basically I've made this family blog and will ramble on about anything and everything and this feels right. I don't know how often I'll blog, but I would like to try and keep it up as much as I can. My guess is that once I am finished with my master's degree, which will be just before Maci is born, I'll be able to blog more. It will be fun to chronicle her birth, and then life with a 2 year old and a newborn. From time to time, when I feel it necessary, I'll write on MJ's blog, but this one will be mainly for our daily life. I'm so glad I decided to suck it up and finally just do it - I've missed blogging!